Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Genocide in South Kordofan?

Type "genocide Sudan" into Google and all that appears are articles about Darfur. If Google doesn't acknowlege something, does it exist?

Back in August, a senior US lawmaker urged the US government to immediately deploy peacekeepers in South Kordofan due to an imminent threat of genocide (find an enlightening report on this here http://jonestream.blogspot.com/2011/08/sudan-south-kordofan.html); nothing happened, despite an emergency congressional hearing being called by House Foreign Affairs Committee. The International Community is either unconvinced of a real threat of genocide in the region, or unwilling politically and militarily to intervene, exhausted by previous interventions in Darfur and Chad.

Operation Broken Silence, an NGO dedicated to ending mass atrocities and modern slavery, is convinced the situation in South Kordofan merits the term genocide and has been trying to mobilise a civil society campaign on the issue in the US and Europe: http://www.operationbrokensilence.org/?p=6395

Despite these few campaigners, there is a complete lack of recognition, or even debate, within the International Community about genocide or the threat of genocide in South Kordofan. Perhaps they're suffering from genocide fatigue?

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