Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Refugees in Yida tell Ruya staff about their ordeal

In January, Ruya staff members travelled to Juba and Yida refugee camp in South Sudan to assess the needs of South Kordofan refugees, as part of out efforts at rebuilding our organisation.Through a process that included observation, individual interviews and meeting with major INGOs and other stakeholders in the region, Ruya was able to compile a comprehensive report on the plight of South Kordfoan refugees in South Sudan, with an emphasis on the difficulties faced by women . In the coming days we will be sharing some of our findings with you. 

Survivors’ testimonies 
Klulu village was bombed for two days and nights in June 2011. Neighbouring villages were also bombed and many people were fleeing. Over 700 civilians decided to flee to Yida refugee camp in South Sudan. We walked for days. For almost a week we subsisted only on leaves and berries.
Ismail Kongo a survivor from Kululo village

There was so much violence on the streets of Kadugli. . . my husband and I went to the UNMIS IDP camp. We saw thousands of people fleeing, thousands.
Acot Angana

One day our village was bombed four times by Anitov planes. We ran towards Altes village. We saw bodies on the road on our way, maybe eight or nine.
Sulafa, survivor from Katcha village

The army entered Ates village for the third time on January 2nd 2012. Many people hid in the caves in the mountains. Houses were burned and they (the Sudan Armed Forces) seized any food they found. They killed any young men they came across and abducted young girls and women. We don’t know where they are now.
Adam Kacho Awag

We hid in the caves but the army used gas to force us out. Then they raped all the girls. Five or six of them (members of the SAF) raped each of us.
Nadia Teia Kafi,14; Lyla Kuwa 19 and Asha Kafi Tei, 18.

 Between June 2011 and January 2012, the entire population of 30 villages fled the violence and destruction unleashed in South Kordofan by the Sudan Armed Forces and fled to Unity State in South Sudan; these now deserted villages are Shat Dmam, Shat Umzarik, Shat Sufia, Tuku, Shat Faro,  Atoma, Blainga, Daloka, Kafina, Katcha, Masakin, Alboram, Al Ehemeir, Um Shoran, Al kutang, Kululu, Trawy, Tafre, Abu Hasheim, Um Dorein, Dmba, Kuhliat, Sabori, Mirri, Krongo, Hagar Anba, Talodi, Ates, Lagori, Fama and Angolo.

 All groups and individuals interviewed in the camp asserted that Sudan Army Forces (SAF) have targeted and continue to target Nuba villages around Kadugli town and in different localities where Nuba make up the majority of the population, especially in those areas where the SPLM has presence.


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